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The game as it stands only took 4 days to make, but I put bassically 12 hours of work in each day on this game since it was christmas break. Yes I do go to school but this project will be continued and redily updated, about 1-2 hours a day. I am very suprised by the average ratings so far 3/5 but expect it to go down slowly, this does not bother me at all since it is my first game, but if you post a review I would apreciate some good critisizm not 'this game sucks, 0/5' or something like that. I dont care about the rating I would just like some help. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Future Plans/Ideas->

Zombie Dogs; fast, but weak

Red Zombies; strong, slightly slower then greens, slower respawn rate

Zombie Dragons; boss battle

Stamina Bar; no attacking until it recharges

Big Plans; I wish to make this game an open world to explore (like fallout 3 or skyrim) with many different evenst/items to find and still be an action rpg

Point of perspective; Although it does'nt look like much I put alot of work and effort in this game so far, it took 5 hours alone to get the Slaymore (The Claymore Weapon at 3,500 Score) that is animating the character + the weapon + writing the movements. But I promise it will be easier to put more weapons into the game from now on, I just need Ideas right now. So whaterver weapons you would like to see in this game comment on this news post and I will try and make it happen. For the weapons I like most I will put a news post with just the weapon name, and see how many comments is gets. Again thanks for reading and commenting